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 Learning Styles Everyone has their own style of learning. As educators, we often get stuck on one teaching method or style in which we teach our students. Some may argue that it is impossible and pointless to teach to different types of learners in higher education. However, your text presents many different modes of presenting information to students and evaluating their understanding. Take the “What’s Your Learning Style (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.” quiz ( and summarize your results in the discussion post. Using Chapter 25 and the resources available in the quiz results, discuss your prominent learning styles and/or types. Include three examples of activities that would align with your own strengths.   -APA format -At least 1 page in length -Provide at least 3 scholarly sources with 1 being the course text -Reference stated at end of answer   Part 2:Individualization, or Differentiation, or…? Hi folks.  Aside from the quasi- or pseudo-science of that Edutopia quiz, as you respond to one another here, and to my questions, I’m mostly interested in your thinking about how to help students make personal connections with the content, and also about how far I can go with creating individual engagements.  On the one hand, I’m completely invested in the idea that we should cater to student interests and personalities to support them as learners.  On the other hand, I’m always aware that, for, say, a surgical procedure, I want a surgeon who has the highest possible competence in completing the procedure I’m having.  And I wonder how I can know that except to have that learners demonstrate high quality performances in the operating room. In other words, where’s our middle ground as educators, and if we’re educating teachers, or physicians, or neuro-physicists, where do we draw a line and simply help the individual understand that the field is not for them because they can’t perform at the necessary level to be successful? Tough questions?  Sometimes, yes.  What’s your answer? **Answer this in at least a paragraph 

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