Wk 5 Transcendental and Hermeneutic Analysis

Please re-accomplish and resubmit this assignment. I included notes to help you. I will review your resubmission and reconsider the points assessed for grading.

A lot has changed since 1996 (via medical advances) on the topic you presented. Hopefully, the reactions would be different today with the advances in medicine and peoples response to HIV.

Based on the information you provided in this assignment, you will need to complete additional actions: Organize and clarify it.

# 1 Find three to five data sets (shared stories) from different individuals (you should identify them as Data Set 1, 2, 3, etc. )

# 2 – Identify 2 structures of meaning (transcendental) Label it. This is not evident in your current assignment.

# 3 Identify 2 themes of meaning (hermeneutic) Label it. This is not evident in your current assignment.

#4 – Discuss how you approached the data analysis in identifying your themes. This is not evident in your current assignment.

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