Write a feature article on a contemporary issue in sport marketing which is Celebrity/Athlete endorsements within soccer.

You have been assigned to investigate and write a feature article on a contemporary issue in sport marketing which is Celebrity/Athlete endorsements within soccer. You are encouraged to personalise the article towards a particular area of interest and to have a specific focus to your article. Things for you to consider: a) What is the contextual background/history of the issue? b) What is its significance to sport marketers/the field? c) What is your reaction to the issue and/or what solutions would you propose? Assessment Guidelines – Present your article in a suitable format. Careful attention should be given to the layout, content and appearance of your article.  – There are plenty of templates available on the web for you to access, however, you must personalise these. Reduce margins and headers and footers

.  – You must start with a headline. The headline shouldn’t be a summary of the article; instead it should serve the purpose of getting the reader’s attention. The heading needs to be short and concise, but above all, must captivate your audience (i.e. unique and interesting).  – An inviting introduction should draw the reader into the article. Use your introduction to set the scene and to limit the scope of the article.  – The main body of the article should follow a logical structure and sequence of ideas.  The article should demonstrate a good understanding of the topic with relevant, up-to-date content that goes beyond the obvious or predictable.  – There must also be evidence of having read extensive relevant literature and this should be appropriately integrated into the article.  Ensure all elements from the brief (see above) are addressed, paying careful attention to the weightings.  – A satisfying conclusion should leave the reader with a sense of closure.  – Make good use of headings/sub-headings and titles to guide the reader.  – Where possible use pictures, summaries, captions, quotes and illustrations to add interest to the article so that readers remain interested.  -Ensure pictures, headings and captions are of an appropriate size – utilise the space effectively as “padding” will be penalised. -The article is limited to 2 sides of A4 (approx.1,500).  The article length excludes the title page and reference list.  – The article should be in Arial 9 point font, single-spaced  – A complete reference list must be attached, which should be presented in Harvard format. Number each item in the list and use a numerical system to indicate in-text referencing.

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