Written Assignment – The role and importance of the Front Office in hotels

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You are a recent graduate of Ara Institute of Canterbury and as such you are considered to be very up to date on the academic literature on the role and purpose of the front office area of the hotel.
You recently started working at the Avon City Hotel as a trainee manager, a 4 star hotel in Christchurch City. Your General Manager is reviewing the operation of each part of the hotel.
She has asked you to provide her with information which will be collated into a report on the requirements for each department in the hotel. She requires from you information on four main areas, as noted below in assessment instructions.
Case study hotel background:
Avon City Hotel is a 160 room hotel in Christchurch city. The hotel has a Qualmark rating of 4 stars. Facilities in the hotel include a range of room types including suites, deluxe rooms and superior rooms. The hotel has two restaurants, a bar and a selection of meeting rooms. The meeting rooms range from a small interview room up to the full ball room which can seat 350 people theatre style, or 200 people banquet style.
The hotel employs 140 staff members in the different departments including housekeeping, front office, food and beverage, maintenance, finance, sales and marketing, human resources, administrative staff and management.
Being a centrally located hotel in Christchurch the hotel targets guests from most markets including corporate, conference, leisure, inbound and groups as well as individuals.
Assessment instructions:
You must research and summarise published material on this topic. This may include any readings issued for this class and any other relevant journal papers you have read. Use this information in your assignment.
1 Explain the role and purpose of the front office department in a hotel. Answer must be detailed and include specific examples to show your understanding. Key operative roles in the department should be included in your explanation.
2 How can front office add value to the business? Answer must include accurate information on needs of different guests by market segment with specific details on how the front office staff can add value for each of these.
3 Describe the relationships between front office and other organisational departments. What can front office do to enhance the relationships? What impact can the interrelationships have on organisational performance? Answer could include information on the relationship within the department as well as with other departments.
4 Describe the required skills and knowledge of staff in order to be effective in the front office. This answer could include specific details based on the key operative roles identified in question 1.
Marking criteria is attached. Ensure all topics are included in your work and that your assignment is laid out in a way which is clear and logical, and that references and citations are in APA format.

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