: Written report of the design & development of an assessment instrument

**Sensation Seeking ­ Experience­seeking**

­ CLEARLY define the psychological construct.

­ The rationale/justification for designing the measure (why it is needed)

*Recognise there are 4 elements ie Thrill­ and adventure­seeking, Disinhibition, Boredom, and

Experience­seeking then narrow it down to Experience­seeking use a space limitation as a rationale.

­ Identify possible Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) that could help you create and develop such a

measure Include the steps that you have taken to create the original pool of items

­ The rationale/justification (with supporting references) for decisions that you made in the

development of the measure relating to:

o Number of items in the scale

o The use of positively and/or negatively worded items

o Number of options in the response format

o Labelling of response options

• Use appendices to:

­Present the initial pool of items with clear reference to empirical evidence to support their inclusion

(e.g. similar existing measure, theoretical paper, original item generated by author on the basis of…


o Feedback from peers regarding the original questions

o A final version of the scale, including:


administration instructions




response options


scoring instructions

**Reference list. Each of the points NEED to be supported with references to the empirical


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