Zambia Pharmaceutical Technology

Write term paper by following these directions: Country Information, Product Introduction and Potential in that Country, Export Marketing Process, Three years Pro-Forma Financials. Include relevant topics from text book as well. Refer to detailed information on next page. Country and Product will be assigned by the teacher. International Business is an understanding of all functions of business in all cultures and countries.

American businesses have products/services, capability, and availability of resources, global database, and government support to market products overseas. Because of lack of international marketing or exporting training, small US businesses are at a disadvantage. Write a term paper by developing a business plan for a given US Product or Service for Exports and/or Development in an assigned market and/or a foreign country. The paper will also cover the region, it is located. For Example: Brazil in the region of South America. More explanation follows.

The challenge for international manager is to develop strategic plans that are competitive in the intensifying global markets. This will be an “Individual Project”. Country and products will be assigned in the class.

Write a term paper according to the following guidelines:

Country Information

Product In Equipment/Service

Product Entry Mode

Country Information. – –

Country is being assigned. Write about its Location, Population, Political and Socio-Economic situation, System of Government, Trade Regulations, Transportation System, Currency, Channels of Distribution, Logistics, and Culture. Then design Export strategies of a given American Product or Service to market into that country.

Country & Product to EXPORT will be assigned – USA has Comparative Advantage in the following products and services:

Food & Commodities

Medicine & Pharmaceuticals: Services and Technology

Process Technology in Basic Human Needs Projects

Personal Care Products and Technology

Agriculture and its machinery

Product Entry Modes

Exporting – You will develop this model in your Business Plan/Term Paper

Setting up sales offices – Franchise

Establishing facilities

Joint Ventures

Wholly owned subsidiary – FDI – Greenfield Investments (Large MNCs)

Helpful Websites:,,,,

Text: Global Business Today, 9th Edition.

By: Charles W.L. Hill

Term Paper as Export Business Plan
Country Information Equipment Technology& Information Business Plan

Components of Term Paper with headings and sub-headings

Information available in text book, power points at Moodle, and web-sites mentioned in syllabus and posted at Moodle

Country Information

Ch. 1-2-3-4




Political and Socio-Economic situation

System of Government

Trade Regulations

Transportation system


Channels of Distribution


Export Business Plan

Ch. 5-6-7-8-11-12-13-14-15-16

Market Research

Demand of Product

Exporting Strategies


Pricing Strategy

Promotion Strategy

Export Import Regulations


Dispute Resolution



Local Production

Use of Private Label Manufacturer

Financing Information

Ch. 9-10

International Financing

Letter of Credit


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